Dugg: The Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Resolution: “I Will Fix My Pitch” | Guy Kawasaki

(johnychan: "Guy Kawasaki’s colleague, Bill Reichert, lays out a fantastic guide for entrepreneurs to follow when pitching venture capitalists. Making sure that everyone in the room is introduced and learning how to control the flow of the meeting are particularly noteworthy.")

"(…) The purpose of your pitch is to sell, not to teach. Your job is to excite, not to educate.
Pitching is about understanding what your customer (the investor) is
most interested in, and developing a dialog that enables you to connect
with the head, the heart, and the gut of the investor.

(…) [T]he pitch has to accomplish three things:

  • Provide a good, clear, easy-to-repeat story—the story of an exciting new startup.

  • Fit with other investments the individual venture capitalist has made and the investments the firm is chartered to make.

  • Beat out the other investments the firm is currently considering. (…)"

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