My top-3 inspirational blog designs

I’ve been meaning to start capturing inspirational blog design. So, here’s my first iteration of a (very short) favorites’ list:

1. Dom DeBellis’s blog
Very elegant, light, clear, simple, airy. (stumbled upon via Doc Searls)

2. ThreeDimensionalPeople – Stephen Johnston’s blog
Perfectly structured, relevant content, nice look-and-feel. I’m particularly impressed if this comes straight from a shelve (does it?).

3. Christian Lindholm’s blog
Early, custom-made design with unique branding, icons and navigation. Been around for a while and could do with a bit of freshening up. Nevertheless, still very pleasing to the eye.

I’ll try and remember to tag inspirational blog design I may stumble upon in the future on

[UPDATE, November 29, 2007: ‘Your World‘, by Christopher Evatt, is another blog that I find well designed. It may well be an off-the-shelf WordPress template. Clearly and simply structured, with a pleasing colour palette.]


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