Posting this from the Lifeblog app on my PC

A Nokia N95 arrived to my pigeon hole today (September 4, that is). Fun toy! Checking out the over-the-air podcast download. A link to Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code comes pre-set, so that’s as good a place to start as any. Decent sound quality!

It’s not just a fun toy, though. This is the first time since I started working for Nokia five years ago, that I decided not to upgrade to the next QWERTY-equipped Communicator (from the Enterprise Solutions business group), but to a one-hand operated device from the Multimedia business group.

Rather than being evidence in support of The Register’s thought provoking Andrew Orlowski, I guess my choice reflects that the whole multimedia Internet experience is becoming more relevant in my line of work.

I must have been one of the first people to write about Nokia Lifeblog, an interview story with Christian Lindholm in March 2004, published on Nokia’s intranet (restricted access).

[UPDATE, October 24, 2007: I posted a condensed version of the article: ‘Trust your life to a piece of Nokia‘.]

It has bugged me ever since that ES-devices never got around to support Lifeblog. And, frankly, now I have run out of patience – even though I know that the new Communicator runs on Series60.

To me, (a) QWERTY and (b) the nice big screen were the main selling points of the Communicator. So, it’s been a trade-off: what I now gain instead is (1) more compact hardware and (2) a richer multimedia / Web2.0 / life recording experience.

22:45 04 September, 2007 Text note

P.S. 1: This is the "text note" I wrote on my PC after synchronizing
the contents of the Lifeblog apps on both the PC and the N95. It was
too big to be sync’ed to my phone, so I couldn’t blog it from the
phone. Short-story-long: this text was intended to go with the photo I
posted just before 🙂

P.S. 2: Rich-text formatting, links, categories, excerpt, keywords, Technorati tags added later via Typepad’s interface.


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