Creating “revenue-generating SMS services” with Fortumo?

In response to Martin Koppel of Fortumo, who left a comment the other day:

Martin, thanks for your info. As I’m not sure if it was your intention to publicly share the test access code, I went to the Fortumo site to request for a personal one. I’ll try and have a preview.

On your blog, the following piece caught my attention:

"(…) Fortumo‚Äôs goal is to make creating mobile services as easy as it is
to create a blog or a home page. Anyone, from students and home-based
workers to web entrepreneurs, can create their own SMS service in 5
minutes and start earning revenue. Moreover, Fortumo services have a
number of advanced features and competitive revenue sharing, which
makes it a good choice for large-volume mobile services.

We believe that creating mobile services should be easy and free. This way, you will have more time and resources to promote and improve your business. (…)"

I was wondering if you felt inclined to explain in some more detail what kind of revenue-generating SMS services you have in mind, exactly…?


One thought on “Creating “revenue-generating SMS services” with Fortumo?

  1. Hi Jos,
    To be honest i didn’t want to send this message to public. It was meant only for you to as an invitation. But now to your question.
    At the moment we are providing 3 simple sms service solutions and also one premium service that enables to create service you want if you have some technical skills. Soon there will be content related services, subscription services etc. We believe that it should be easy to create a mobile service and you shouldn’t spend money and a lot of time in starting it. Service provider (you) will earn revenue from each message sent to services you have created. It is shortly how thing ate in Fortumo, but you can have more information from our website and you can also personally contact me.
    I hope i answered to your question.
    All the best

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