Bowling for Jokela (English – latest take)

(TAKE 3: Mäntyharju, Finland, Thursday, November 8, 2007; 11:05 hrs. Finnish time; 09:05 hrs. UTC/GMT)

Nine people died in a shooting incident on Wednesday at Jokela High School, in Tuusula, Finland, close to the Finnish capital Helsinki.

The victims include the head master of the school, a health worker and six pupils: five boys and a girl.

The killer, 18-year-old pupil Pekka-Erik Auvinen, went from classroom to classroom, firing at people. After shooting his eight victims, he shot himself through the head. Auvinen died in hospital on Wednesday evening.

Ten people were admitted to hospital with lighter injuries.

Already earlier this week, Finnish and English-language videos appeared on YouTube (‘Jokela High School Massacre’), in which Auvinen expressed his intentions.

After the massacre today, the young man was described by one of the school’s teachers as an “extreme-right, militant type”.

The videos were removed from the YouTube service on Wednesday afternoon.

Finland’s Prime Minister, Matti Vanhanen, called de shooting “terrible and tragic”, adding that it was extremely difficult to prevent incidents such as these.

President Tarja Halonen expressed her condolences and sympathy with the victims and their families.


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