Dugg: Blyk – an “open code” brand | Marko Ahtisaari

“(…) When we started designing the Blyk brand we took a deliberately “open code” approach. By “open code” I mean, much like in open source software, that there is an initial hard core – the kernel of the operating system if you like – and that we allow and even encourage variation, iteration and interpretation of the brand identity. Our goal is to create the Blyk brand together with our members, to invite them to take part.

(…) Blyk is an “open code” brand, not a “control brand.” I believe that most important brands these days are built on conversation rather than control. (…) the idea was to allow members to represent themselves. It was time for us to hand the brand over to the audience.

(…) This is not a brand identity that will be ever be finished, but one that was designed to evolve and develop over time. So, as well as a cash prize, all the winners [designers] began what was to be an ongoing relationship with the brand.

(…) the Blyk brand has a few necessarily fixed parts, the logo and the tone of voice for instance. Beyond that, it has a loose recognisable aesthetic. You could describe it as optimistic. You don’t get this by holding three-day long marketing team meetings and having a hundred people policing the brand. What you do have to do is get young creatives together, share with them the hard core and the brand values, give them proper resources and pay them properly, and let them go. (…)”

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