What’s the top life recorder for the season?


How are things at Fjord? And yourself?

JIT for Xmas, perhaps a good moment to give us an update on your favorite life recorder?

With the Nokia N73, you picked your 2006 cameraphone already in August of that year.

Later in 2006 you seemed charmed by the Nokia N95.

I know, "life recorder" does not equal "cameraphone"… but still. With a two-year-old running around and his brother or sister on the way, I want to use Lifeblog to its fullest potential – that means, among other things: with the best hardware.

Funny really, when we spoke about Nokia Lifeblog beta in 2004, and you confided that first-time parents would be a major target group for the application, I didn’t quite buy that.

I thought the memory prosthesis was just as compelling a proposition to any Internet-savvy DINKer like myself.

But now I know better. With kids, you just don’t want to compromise on the quality and ease of use of recording their young lives.

So, how about it? Give us your take! 🙂

Best wishes from Espoo and Mäntyharju,


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