Listen to my blog!

I signed up to test Odiogo’s text-to-speech solution for blog content and was happy to receive an email with the following:


Hi there,

We’re happy to inform you that the audio version of
your RSS feed is now available at the following urls:

Audio Enriched RSS Feed:

This is your Odiogo RSS Feed.

Odiogo Control Page:

This page allows to:

 Perform a
1-click subscription of your Odiogo feed to major podcast clients (iTunes,
Juice) Please note that the text content
is embedded into the audio file and can be viewed through the lyrics option of
your iPod and on some other mp3 players. More information on

 Subscribe to
Web RSS readers such as MyYahoo!, netvibes, google, etc.

 Share the
control page with Facebook,, Digg, etc.

 Stream the
audio articles of your blog

 Listen to the
individual audio posts

As a TypePad user, you can leverage our new Listen Button feature
which displays a listen button above each post.

To install the plugin, just browse to
and follow the instructions.

Your Odiogo Feed ID is 64247.

The Subscribe button gives
access to all the options provided by the Odiogo system. You can add it to your
blog by ticking the Subscribe tick box.

We advise you to review our FAQ and our blog; they both provide with
tips for enhancing and promoting the service on your blog.

Please note that by using the Odiogo
service you signify your acceptance of our attached Terms of Service (TOS).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at

We hope you’ll enjoy using our service.

Odiogo Customer Support


To listen to blog content while on the move, type an Odogio feed’s URL into the podcast application on your Nokia Series60 mobile phone, e.g. like this:

Menu -> Applications -> Podcasting ->
Podcasts -> Options -> New podcast -> Podcast URL: (type:
-> OK -> (click, click, listen!)

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