Dugg: Social Media Will Change Your Business | BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek’s Stephen Baker and Heather Green have updated their article ‘Blogs Will Change Your Business‘ from May, 2005, (which I dissected here) to include observations of social media over the past three years.

It’s a nine-pager, so I’ll read it on my commute one of these days before drawing any conclusions. However, I already know that one of my posts that I will compare this against, is: ‘The End of Channels?‘, which has this summary:

The three aspects of social media that I’d like to view as qualitative departures from the past are: (1) ‘The Dilution of Channels’ in that online conversations happen all over the place; (2) ‘The Wisdom of the Crowd’, social software helping people navigate their way through online conversations; and (3) the participatory and co-creational nature of social media.

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One thought on “Dugg: Social Media Will Change Your Business | BusinessWeek

  1. OK, that idea didn’t fly. I printed the BusinessWeek update without realizing that all the updated information is behind links. So now behind my laptop I’m having a closer look.
    First off: checking out Kevin Burton, spinn3r.com, and Tailrank. The BusinessWeek people write that Kevin estimates the active blogosphere to entail about 2 to 4 million blogs.
    The only other really interesting thing for me was the reference to Federated Media Publishing.

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