Dugg: Gin, Television, and Social Surplus – Here Comes Everybody | Clay Shirky

(Via Jay Rosen / PressThink: ‘Looking for the Mouse in Media: Clay Shirky on Deploying the Cognitive Surplus for Public Good’)

Clay Shirky at Web 2.0 Expo SF 2008 | blip.tv:


"(…) And it’s
only now, as we’re waking up from that collective bender, that we’re
starting to see the cognitive surplus as an asset rather than as a
crisis. We’re seeing things being designed to take
advantage of that surplus, to deploy it in ways more engaging than just having a TV in everybody’s basement.

(…) "Where do people find the time?" That was her question. And I just kind of snapped. And I said, "No one who works in TV gets to ask that question. You know where the time comes from. It comes from the cognitive surplus you’ve been masking for 50 years."

(…) This
is something that people in the media world don’t understand.  Media
in the 20th century was run as a single race–consumption.  How
much can we produce?  How much can you consume?  Can we produce more
and you’ll consume more?  And the answer to that question has
generally been yes.  But media is actually a triathlon, it ‘s three
different events.  People like to consume, but they also like to
produce, and they like to share.

(…) Here’s something four-year-olds know:  A screen that ships without a mouse ships
broken.  Here’s something four-year-olds know: Media that’s targeted at you but doesn’t include you may not
be worth sitting still for.

(…) "If we carve out a little
bit of the cognitive surplus and deploy it here, could we
make a good thing happen?"  And I’m betting the answer is yes. (…)"

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