Dugg: Dan Gillmor: Principles of a New Media Literacy | Publius Project

[UPDATE, April 30, 2009: Dan Gillmor's essay on the Publius website appears to have moved. The new, correct link is: http://publius.cc/principles_new_media_literacy]

"(…) In this emergent global conversation, which has created a tsunami of information, what can we trust?

How we govern ourselves on the Web depends in significant ways on
the answers. To get this right, we’ll have to re-think, or at least
re-apply, some older cultural norms in distinctly modern ways.

It comes down, in significant ways, to some principles, both for
media consumers and creators. They add up to a 21st Century notion of
what we once called “media literacy.” But media literacy has generally
lacked the kind of participatory piece that is so essentially a part of
digital media. (…)

  • Be skeptical of absolutely everything.
  • But don’t be equally skeptical of everything.
  • Understand and learn media techniques.
  • Ask more questions.


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