Dugg: Introduction to ‘Holding On to Reality’ | Albert Borgmann

The introduction to
Holding On to Reality
The Nature of Information at the Turn of the Millennium
by Albert Borgmann

"(…) Without information about reality, without reports and records, the reach of experience quickly trails off into the shadows of ignorance and forgetfulness.

(…) As a report is the paradigm of information about reality, so a recipe is the model of information for reality, instruction for making bread or wine or French onion soup.

(…) technological information lifts both the illumination and the
transformation of reality to another level of lucidity and power. But
it also introduces a new kind of information. To information about and for reality it adds information as reality. The paradigms of report and recipe are succeeded by the paradigm of the recording.

(…) technological information is the most prominent layer of the contemporary cultural landscape, and increasingly it is more of a flood than a layer, a deluge that threatens to erode, suspend, and dissolve its predecessors. (…)"

(Via David Weinberger, who remarks: "(…) a work about information, the Net, and philosophy, published in 1999. It’s terrific. (…)" )

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