Dugg: PressThink: When Mayhill Fowler Met Bill Clinton at the Rope Line | Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen writes:

"(…) "Trust me because I mask my true feelings about the matter" is not an inherently better way to journalize or gain cred. "Trust me because I show you what my true feelings on the matter are…" can also work." And if it has pro and amateur wings maybe the press can fly again. (…)"

Interesting tale about identification in (citizen?) journalism. While surely unintended, what springs to mind is Günther Wallraff's undercover journalism. (see Wallraff's entry on the Wikipedia)

But also, the debate about "being transparent about your biases" is interesting in this context. In the old school, the point is to be as informative as possible about the interviewee and their biases, not about the journalist. It's altogether not that straightforward…

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