Dugg: New Rules for the New Biology | Kevin Kelly / The Technium

Kevin Kelly asks:

"[I]f we really are headed into the century of neo-biology, as I believe we are, then what are the New Rules of the New Biology?"

He then submits 9 rules for starters:

"(…) 1) All rules in biology have exceptions.

2) Anything that can be done with organisms (including our own), will be done.

3) Every biological action invokes a biological reaction.

4) All innovations follow a one-way migration from enhancements to normalcy.

5) One person's biological ideal is another's horror.

6) Understanding is not necessary for use.

7) The tolerance for uncertainty goes up as death becomes certain.

8) The difference between 99% reliable and 100% reliable is God (or a million years of evolution).

9) Health care is finite resources applied to an infinite appetite. (…)"

Kevin asks for more rules in the shape of comments. Something that springs to my mind:

7a) A person's interest in (neo-)biology increases after turning 40.

(via Charlie Schick, who pointedly observes:

"(…) Digital electronics have distracted us from the analogue world (…) I think those with strong digital sensibilities will have a hard time
embracing the uncertainty and variability so common in biological
systems. (…)"

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