Dugg: PressThink: Filter the Best Stuff to the Front Page: A Demo | Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen wrote on June 16, 2008:

“(…) OffTheBus and NewsTrust.Net ran a little test two weeks ago. It’s a crowdsourced week in review feature for high quality John McCain coverage, June 2 to 9. Here’s the background and results. (…)”

What I find more interesting about this blog post than the content of the experiment or indeed the ensuing US-centric political flame war in the comments is the concept of the experiment, as well as Jay’s reference to Dave Winer’s rivers of news, and the concern that filtering may not keep pace.

(…) The mission of NewsTrust—it’s nonprofit and non-partisan—is to be a “guide to good journalism.” The site offers a “range of tools to help you find and share” the best work.

(…) Sites like NewsTrust take it for granted that expansion in media space
is a good thing. But filtering and forwarding systems must keep pace.

(…) In this connection, I point you to NewsJunk.Com, a new site. Dave Winer, with some co-conspirators, created a river of news intended for serious users of political coverage. It’s designed to be radically inclusive and selective. (And fast.)

(…) Ethan Zuckerman, co-founder of Global Voices Online—a
“find new voices” project that’s working—said he was concerned that
tools to organize the flow and make it practical for people to use were
not keeping pace with expanded opportunities to publish.

(…) For a more intelligent and flexible filter we can trust in pro editors
to adapt to the Web. We can turn to bloggers (they edit the Web for us
and always have.) Or we can try the participation route, also called
social media. (…)”

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