Mobile Internet sucks (= conclusion of 3 wks without ADSL)

I’ve been without broadband Internet at home for about three weeks – I was “between providers”, so to speak.

Must say that, while I was still able to consume some of my daily Internet fix – browsing RSS feeds on my mobile phone -, it was at the same time a sobering experience of how embarrassingly ill adapted the applications on my Nokia N95 are to mobile Web 2.0 participation.

I’ll probably remember this period best as the time when Doc Searls went in and out of hospital and blogged  it all. Good health and happiness to you, Doc!

Data speed is not the bottle neck. It’s the lack of mobile client-side participatory software.

With my Nseries device and 3G coverage I could browse and email, but that was about it. No tagging, no digging, no blogging with any level of convenience.

So what I ended up doing was to bookmark the URLs I would have liked to tag, digg or blog and thus collect them in my mobile phone’s browser for future reference.

I hope to catch up blogging some of those bookmarks over the coming days.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Internet sucks (= conclusion of 3 wks without ADSL)

  1. First, thanks for the kind thoughts. I’m fine now.
    Second, the problem is that the carriers are all still hostile to the Net, and treat it as just another carefully crippled telco “service” that turns the Net’s public abundance into a private scarcity that they can bill out by the minute or the overpriced subsciption.
    Third, this will end once truly open mobile phones hit the market and one carrier or another, sees the writing on the wall. My money stateside is on Sprint, because they’re sucking hind tit, are desperate, and actually building out next-gen infrastructure. See here:
    As for ADSL, is there any way where you live that you can get something close to symmetrical service? Lemme tell ya, it’s a spoiler. I’m writing this from an apartment in the Boston area, where Verizon FiOS is getting me 20Mb in both directions, and it rocks. (Never mind that I’ve actually got between 1.5 and 2.5 *Gbps* coming in and out of the box on the side of my house via fiber, but that’s another story.)

  2. @ Doc Searls:
    Thanks for the response, Doc.
    #1: Good to hear you’re well.
    #2: It’s rather common here in Finland for people to have mobile phone subscriptions with flat-fee data plans. If I’m not mistaken, I pay around 10 euros a month for unlimited 3G (where available) data traffic on my mobile phone.
    What I was really complaining about is the “socially poor” feature set and user experience of the Internet applications that come with mobile phones, in my case Nokia Nseries (3rd generation Symbian Series60) devices.
    I want a browser on my phone that does what Firefox and Flock can do on the desk top. I want to immediately archive, bookmark, digg and blog about what I browse. The online experience without this kind of participation is a very passive one, akin to watching TV.
    #3: By “truly open phones” perhaps you’re referring to Google’s Android? What do you make of the Symbian Foundation| , as announced by Nokia| on June 24?
    Ref your photo on Flickr| : a local operator down here in the Finnish woods does offer Wi-Max for about 250 euros installation costs and something between 30 and 50 euros monthly flat.
    I live in the Finnish lake district which is rather bushy, rocky, swampy and thinly populated. The operator’s opportunity is to connect the thousands of summer guests who spend their time in remote cottages along the lake shores, during those three months when the sun bothers to get up in the morning 🙂
    I’m afraid I’m not sufficiently tech savvy to really answer your question about DSL. Do you mean this: ? All I know I can get my hands on out here is Wi-Max or ADSL at 2, 4, or 8 Mbps. (I think)

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