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Impatient as I am, and disappointed with the lack of portability between Typepad and Blogger, I decided to stick with Typepad for now. Portability was the show-stopper now, but I also must say I don’t like the Blogger branding at the top of the blog, and I somewhat sympathize more with the smaller provider, SixApart, since Google is scarily all-pervasive already.

So I’ve just upgraded my Typepad Plus account to Typepad Pro, mainly for two reasons: (1) access to “advanced templates” which allow more design flexibility, and (2) allowing for more than three blogs on the same account. Here’s Typepad’s price/features comparison page.

Now that I have “advanced templates”, I was able to integrate the Disqus commenting federation system. Well, this post is actually to test if it all works.

(I’m secretly also hoping that SixApart will improve the speed of Typepad’s publishing system)

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