‘Transform Your Conversation!’

[UPDATE: As per January 21, 2009, my firm will be operating under two
new names: Cluetail Oy and Cluetail Ltd. It’s an hommage to the Cluetrain Manifesto and the Long Tail, two concepts which, IMHO, are particularly insightful when we try to understand the Internet and where it will take us. Cluetail builds on the value proposition listed in this post below. Our office is at the
business incubator MikTech in Mikkeli, Finland. Cluetail’s website is
in the making; more about that later.]

Hi and welcome to my blog!

Panta rhei: everything is in flux. I recently left Nokia’s global communications team after six years, for I couldn’t hold back any longer on the desire to pursue my own business vision.

I will always feel privileged when looking back at my Nokia years. There was great chemistry in the teams I’ve worked with, we’ve set impressive benchmarks for organizational communications strategies as well as process and tool implementation, and of course the whole thing was also a fantastic learning experience.

After a beautiful Finnish summer and spending most of my time with my family, now it’s time again to look at the future.

The business of ‘human conversation’

In whichever direction it will take me, the business I am in is the business of “human conversation”. Human conversation is what drives all business as well as public and private affairs. From media to customer relations, from organizational communications to individual coaching: it is through human conversation that we grow and create value.

Here’s to those who share my passion for human conversation: let’s link up to create value by living and working that passion.

In concrete terms, I’m open for business. Let me express my value proposition by way of this initial scope:

  • Organizational communications auditing
  • Strategic communications (re)design
  • Process and tool concepts, development, (outsourced) operations, training and support
  • (Outsourced) content and channel management
  • Content creation
  • Media monitoring & business intelligence
  • Media research & education
  • Coaching & mediation
  • Internet service development

Do you see how this offering can add value to what you are doing?

Do you have needs which are within or adjacent to this scope?

Do you want to contribute to extending this offering?

Drop me a line or give me a call!

Jos Schuurmans