links for 2008-09-19

  • "(…) Communicea keskittyy prosessiajattelunsa kautta yritysten tukemiseen keskeisissä viestintähaasteissa, joita ovat viestintätoiminnon tehottomuus, viestintätuotosten vaihteleva laatu, resurssien vähyys sekä viestinnän tekemisen hajanaisuus. (…)"
  • "(…) Kasey Social is a Social Network Marketing Unit inside Kasey Group / Kasey Corporation Ltd., which is one of the pioneering companies in the field of Social Network Marketing and Advertisement 2.0 techniques. Kasey Social focuses on Social Networks Marketing simply because it brings the greatest return of investment to our customers in marketing. (…)"
  • "(…) You know the round shapes and the reflections in the bottom. They are officially old now, according to design guru Aybabtu Singh. The new black is clear, sophisticated and simplified design, without that children's toothpaste box look (i.e. Web 2.0). (…)"
  • "(…) Kasey Group is an International consulting and IT-services company. We are currently present in Scandinavia and Asia Pacific. Our vision is implementing cutting-edge technologies and the latest innovations for the benefit of our customers. We provide reliable and hiqh-quality services to enable our partners focus on their core business. (…)"
  • "(…) Byfar is a new Helsinki based graphic design agency producing variety of visual communications. Our projects include corporate identity, publication design and motion graphics. (…)"
  • "(…) Evida Oy is a technology marketing and communications expert. We offer assistance to small and medim sized businesses particularly in the areas of IT and industrial b-to-b markets and in the KIBS (Knowledge Intensive Business Services) sector. (…)"

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