How is this for a seminar on “social media”?


[UPDATE, January 21, 2009: We're fully booked now. An abbreviated version of my talk will be available at]

[UPDATE, January 15, 2009: Details of the seminar as available from the ProCom site. I believe there are still a few seats left…]

I am preparing a one-day seminar on "social media" for Communications and Public Relations professionals, on behalf of ProCom, the Finnish Association of Professional Communicators, to be held in Helsinki, January 22, 2009.
My draft program is something like this:

  1. Getting started (1): Who are we and what are we trying to achieve today?
  2. Scoping "social media": What do we mean by "social media" and which are the relevant issues for Communications and Public Relations?
  3. Strategy, ROI and measurement: When and how (much) should we get involved in social media?
  4. Case 1: example of a "traditional" company/organization venturing into social media: strategic choices, best practices.
  5. Case 2: virtual worlds as an example of a public social media platform: opportunities and considerations.
  6. Getting started (2): Practicalities of engaging in social media, one step at the time.
  7. Wrap-up, conclusions, and closing.

Any thoughts? Does this look like a comprehensive set-up? What are we missing? Who would be great speakers on these topics?

Also, what would be a good way to support this seminar online? I'm considering to do something on