Into the mood

Marko Teräs about Moodstream, by Getty Images:

"(…) Moodstream,
which is basically a service where you can tweak different kinds of
buttons [which include moods] and the application offers you pictures
and music accordingly. As a concept, I think this is a neat way to
promote service provider’s image bank pictures and sound bank music by
creating this site to play with.

(…) I don’t believe that services like Moodstream can ever be a death of
creativity – that designers would just go there and let an application
decide for him what pictures and music to use. But maybe as an impulse
awakener this could sometimes be useful. (…)"

I agree, this could be a useful tool when preparing e.g. a presentation, a media production or for a brainstorm about design or branding.

As it happens, just yesterday we've started the process of creating – or rather "distilling" – Cluetail Ltd.'s corporate identity. I will be collecting examples of likes and dislikes over the coming weeks.

Since "human conversation" is a central theme to the new company, I've been collecting some imagery from Flickr, tagged "conversation", for inspiration. Now, Moodstream could perhaps help in this process, as well.

Any other useful tools for this purpose?