Looking for a Finnish-UI online community tool

Last night I went to the founding meeting of our neighborhood club. Whether it will be an association, a foundation or if it will have a legal entity at all, is undecided – as is the name.

Our first decisions were to go ahead with the club, appoint a contact person, exchange all our email addresses, have a name competition and… (I hope the journalist from the local newspaper was not the only person taking notes).

Anyways, I was asked to facilitate a web site. I said I would, with the caveat that I will need to find a suitable tool with a Finnish user interface, since I am currently only familiar with Dutch and English-language services.

I thought a Facebook group might work but someone immediately exclaimed "Ei!" ("No!") so I guess Facebook has a bit of an image challenge.

I might have suggested Ning, but I don't think they offer a Finnish UI.

I don't know if WordPress or Drupal do…

My next thought is to check out Google Sites.

I have heard of a Finnish blogging tool called Vuodatus.net, but haven't looked at it yet.

So, which Finnish-UI online community tool would you recommend?

(P.S.: Feel free to comment in Finnish if you prefer.)