‘Transform Your Conversation!’ – Enter Cluetail

Cluetail's website is in the making, I'm posting this description of
our company on my blog – because I want to start reaching out 🙂

UPDATE, March 31, 2009: I've put up a brief description of Cluetail in English, Finnish and Dutch, at http://www.cluetail.com (or, until the DNS records are updated, at: http://sites.google.com/a/cluetail.com/transform/)- note that http://cluetail.com does not yet redirect here.]

Cluetail Ltd. is an integrated communications services company which deeply appreciates the value of human conversation.

transactions – either privately, in business, or in the public domain
and the media – are a function of relationships, built on conversation
between people.

We exist to create value to our customers by enhancing the quality of their conversations, connections and relationships.

The Challenge

is sometimes referred to as the epidemic of the 21st century. During
the foreseeable future, information, choice and competition for
attention will keep growing at an increasing rate.

access to the most relevant information and the right people, no
meaningful transactions can be done and business will suffer.

Our Vision

Cluetail shares a more optimistic vision of the world: one in which
people engage conveniently, instantly and continuously in the
conversations most relevant to them, and connect to the people who
matter most.

Seasoned in journalism, organizational
communications, and participatory intra- and Internet applications, we
at Cluetail build processes and tools which maximize the reach, impact,
visibility and measurability of your communications efforts.

How We Do It

While harnessing enabling technologies in the realm of participatory
media and social software, our objective is to make these
technologies as unobtrusive as possible.

First we help you save money by making your communications practices more efficiently aligned with your strategic objectives.

Then we help you make money
by more effectively engaging your employees, customers, partners,
investors, media, interest groups and the general public in
conversations relevant to you and your brand.

Our Services

consultancy services include current- and desired-state analyses and
road-mapping, process and tool development and implementation.

operational support services include technical process and tool
support, content and channel management, content creation, media
monitoring and business intelligence, training, team building, coaching
and mediation.

Coming up…

Through our ASP (Application Service Provider) services we plan
offer content life-cycle management systems, online conversation
analysis and recommendation systems.

The latter will enable our
customer companies to make tacit communications structures visible; to
extract business intelligence and trend analysis from online
conversations; and to help their people identify the most relevant
conversations and build meaningful relationships with the people

By detecting tacit structures and weak signals early,
customer companies can faster anticipate a changing business
environment, thus gaining competitive advantage over their peers.

Talk Is Cheap

Drop us a line or give us a call: let's have a conversation about your conversation.

  Jos Schuurmans

  CEO & Sales, Cluetail Ltd. (y: 1747348-8)
  Patteristonkatu 2, 50100 Mikkeli, Finland

  +358 50 59 33 006

P.S.: The name Cluetail is an hommage to the Cluetrain Manifesto and the Long Tail, two concepts which, IMHO, are particularly insightful when we try to understand the Internet and where it will take us.