Sometu all over the place

I just posted this on the Sometu mother ship:

"(…) We've seen several initiatives in creating a Sometu presence on various social media and social networking services lately.

Personally, I think that's a good thing, since it reflects what I call
"the distributed nature of the Internet": people self-organize around
topics of their interest and engage in conversations within the
communities, networks and other places of their choosing.

To try and confine Sometu-related discussions to a limited number of
places on the Net, would be counter-productive and unfeasible. It is
best to give people choice in how they prefer to interact around
Sometu. The broader the offering, the more people will share the

Having said that, the fact is that these dispersed conversations are hardly ever all-inclusive. I take it that is still more-or-less the "mother ship", a place where most things Sometu are captured and can be found.

There is value in having such a "mother ship". For new people
interested in Sometu, as well as for those getting back into the
subject matter after having strayed for a while, there should be a
central place where to get up-to-date and into the loop.

Hence my wondering if we could figure out how to feed back the
information and conversations related to Sometu, which are being shared
in all those other places, so that they are also available on

I'm thinking RSS feeds, alert services, etc. Perhaps they could be
aggregated and forged into one single RSS feed using tools like
FriendFeed or Yahoo! Pipes, and then imported into the mother ship…

What do you think? Would this add value? Are we already doing this? If not, how can we set it up? (…)"