Invitation to tender for agile development of content life-cycle management, analysis and recommendation as ASP services

My company, Cluetail Ltd., has published an invitation to tender concerning the assessment and selection of suitable technologies, the development of a proof of concept (/demonstration model) of a Web-based content life-cycle management, analysis and recommendation tool as an ASP service using agile development methods, and the identification of complementary R&D resource.

  • Deadline for tender submissions: Thursday, June 4, 12:00 noon Finnish time (GMT+03:00).
  • The services shall be rendered between June 5, 2009 and January 31, 2010.
  • The estimated amount of work resource required lies between 40 and 60 man days.

The title of the official announcement at, (part Finnish, part English) reads:

"(…) Kansallinen hankintailmoitus:
Cluetail Ltd. : Agile development of content life-cycle management, analysis and recommendation as ASP services

The Invitation to Tender (in English, PDF document), is found here:


Cluetail Ltd., an incubator company at Mikkelin Technologiakeskus (Miktech) Oy:n Yrityshautomo, builds processes and tools which maximize the reach, impact, visibility and measurability of its customers' communications efforts.

Within the scope of the project at hand, Cluetail will develop a proof of concept (/demonstration model) of a highly innovative and user­-centric solution for digital content life­-cycle management, analysis and recommendation.

This solution, to be offered as an ASP (Application Service Provider) service, is aimed at making if very easy for anyone to create, publish, share and monitor online content and conversations, as well as to measure their reach and impact.

The content analysis and recommendation technology will enable users in the content creation process, as well as consumers and “prosumers” of online content, to retrieve and review relevant, related content from internal and external sources.

In addition to the proof of concept, the current project will deliver a project plan for a follow-up R&D project to build a commercially viable ASP service.

Should you be interested, please read the announcement and the tender invitation, then contact me as specified. If you know a potential tender candidate, feel free to forward this information!