Decency is the new ad | Jeff Jarvis

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Jeff Jarvis
' rather compelling take on how the media not only suffer from a collapse of the paid content business model, but also (worse?) how advertizing is fundamentally decoupled from the media – a doomsday scenario:

"(…) when the internet makes price transparent and competition on price thus all but impossible, and when you sell commodity products (as P&G sort of does) then one frontier for competition is virtue: more responsible products, more responsible companies. Given the choice of two toilet papers, maybe you’ll take the one that’s sustainable from the company you trust.

Now add the Zappos gospel: Your customer service is your advertising. Treat people w[e]ll and they will advertise you. (…)

First, invest in customer service, making it a goal to satisfy every single customer. Remember that your worst customer is your best friend.

Second, invest effort in social tools that enable customers to tell you what you should be producing; hand over as much control to them as you can (I examine this idea from another perspective in the chapter on manufacturing). The goal must be to produce a product people love. All companies claim that customers love their brands. But I mean customers love your product so much they want to tell the world—that kind of love, Apple love.

Third, hand over your brand to your customers—recognizing that they have always owned it. Don’t tell them what your brand means. Ask them what it means. (…)

So here’s the real punchline: Advertising ends up having nothing to do with media. They become decoupled. Audience no longer yields advertising. Hell, advertising isn’t advertising. It’s relationships. Media only get in the way. There’s the corner we’re painted into, the chaos scenario, perhaps the doomsday scenario for media. (…)"