Shared reading back on

[UPDATE, January 30, 2010: I managed to create different flows for status updates / micro-blog post that include and that don't include shared reading]

Just released the brakes from my shared reading feed again.

I managed to address only one of the three issues I mentioned yesterday, but I think it's the most important one: to make clear to readers of my blog that the posts in question are my shared reading, that they are re-blogged and that they originate elsewhere.

So I'll let it run for a while to see what it looks and feels like.

How I did it was by fetching my shared reading feed from Google Reader, into Yahoo! Pipes. There I managed to modify the contents of the item.title element, using the Regex Module, and the regular expression "$" to locate the end of the string (the end of the title), and replace it by the text string " | (re-blogged!)

Also, using the same tools, with the regular expression "^", I managed to insert the following string at the beginning of the item.description element as well as at the beginning of the item.content element:

(NOTE: This post was re-blogged as shared reading. Please, follow the
reference link at the end of this post to where it was originally
published. – Jos Schuurmans;

This is the resulting feed from Yahoo! Pipes, which anyone can clone and edit:

And this is the resulting RSS feed:

I would still like to (1) offer a line break at the end of my insert, (2) activate the URL and perhaps (3) format the text a bit, but I have no idea how to.

What I also didn't manage to do was to shorten the body text of each item, nor to activate the embedded links. Later, perhaps.

Now, subscribes to this feed, and posts it via onto my blogs at and I'm considering how to route them as micro-blog post as well.

I like playing around with Yahoo! Pipes. I think it's a very powerful tool. However, even though it has a nice graphical editing pane and "you don't need to be able to write a single line of code", it still poses quite a learning curve for non-geeks like me.

For example, there must be a way to insert the name of the author (i.e. the value which corresponds with the element), automagically into the item title. Any pointers?

Related question: who competes with Yahoo! Pipes in this space?