Tenth Anniversary of Cluetrain celebration at Berkman | (re-blogged!)

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The Berkman Center is putting on a little book launch for the tenth anniversary edition of Cluetrain. Doc and I will be interviewed by the estimable Jonathan Zittrain on the topic “Cluetrain at 10: So How’s Utopia Working Out for Ya?” at 6pm, Tuesday, June 16, at Austin East at Harvard Law [map.

If you can’t make it, or if you’ll only show up if there’s pizza (there isn’t), it’s being webcast.

BTW, the tenth anniversary edition has the complete original text (available here for free), as well as new chapters by each of the four authors, plus an intro to the intro by me, plus articles by Dan Gillmor, Jake McGee, and J.P. Rangaswami.

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Reference: http://ping.fm/wkUst


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