FREE publication is a month away! 150 books to give away now. | (re-blogged!)

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The hardcovers of FREE: The Future of a Radical Price just came in and they look great. Pub date is July 7th in the US and July 2nd in the UK. We’ll be announcing the many ways in which you can get bits versions of the book (audio, ebook, web) for free around pub date, but in the meantime, it’s time to start giving away some good old atoms!

With The Long Tail, we gave away 200 books to the first bloggers who asked for them and promised to review them (the “long tail of book reviewers”). That worked great, but times have changed. So this time, we’re going to go all full-spectrum on the giveaway.

We want to give books to people who will spread the word–as with free digital forms, we think that free is the best form of marketing. Convince us that you’ve got a megaphone, microphone or at least know people who know people and we’ll send you a signed book, weeks ahead of publication.

There are two ways how:

1) Impress us with your cool friends (you get FOUR books!)

2) Impress us with your social media skillz (you get one book)


1) The four books deal (25 winners)

Do have friends in high places? Or low, but very cool, places? Maybe kinda inbetween places but big in Japan? Just know awesome people?

Yes? Excellent. We’d like you to send them the book yourself. Here’s how:

Send us an email to with the following:

Subject: Four books please!

I’m _____ and I actually know __[impressive person 1]__, __[less impressive person 2]___ and __[impressive to me even if you’ve never heard of them person 3]___. In fact, I know them so well that I know where they live! (Or at least I can ask them for their mailing address). Send me four signed books, and I’ll keep one and send the other three along with a personal note from me.

My mailing address is [….]

We’ll enclose three Fedex envelopes paid through our account. All you need to do is fill in the address details and toss them in a local Fedex collection box.

But here’s the catch. We’ve got the tracking numbers. We’re going to show these packages moving through the country in real time on Google Maps. (Don’t worry, we won’t indentify the people or show where the packages are going at anything below city level, so no privacy will be invaded. We also swear not to otherwise use the info or contact your impressive friends ourselves)

2) The one book deal (50 winners)

Send an email to with something along the following lines (actual people—probably me—will read this, so feel free to use your human, rather than robot, voice) :

Subject: Free book please!

I’d love a free FREE and promise to review/tweet/blog/chatter about it to all my influential friends. How do you know I have any? Here’s how:

–My Twitter name is ____ and I have ___ followers

–My blog URL is ____ and my Technorati Rank/PageRank is ___

–My Amazon reviewer rank is _____

–Screw that GPA crap! I deserve the book because ______

My mailing address is […..]

We’ll send a book to the first 50 who impress/amuse us.



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