Radar for June 18th 2009 | (re-blogged!)

(NOTE: This post was re-blogged as shared reading. Embedded links don’t work. Please, follow the reference link at the end to original. – Jos Schuurmans;

  • Sysomos | In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World – Interesting stats
  • How Twitter impacts media and journalism by @RossDawson – Five Fundamental Factors
  • Iran’s Twitter Revolution? Maybe Not Yet – BusinessWeek – Some Iranian election protesters used Twitter to get people on the streets, but most of the organizing happened the old-fashioned way
  • BBC – The Editors: Social media in Iran – The BBC and the BBC’s Richard Sambrook on Twitter and social media in Iran
  • Twitter Tees by Threadless – Twitter t-shirts
  • TweetElect09: Watch in real time what people say on Twitter about the European Elections! – Almost 50,000 tweets about the EU election tracked and analyzed in little more than a week
  • My Daily Log – Usefulness and power of keeping a daily log of ones activities



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