Posterous vs. Tumblr: A Head to Head | (re-blogged!)

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On Mashable, Jennifer van Grove compares Posterous and Tumblr. She likes Posterous a little better in the end, because it can do “incredible things” with the posts you send by email.

She makes the point that Posterous ease of email use gives it a leg up in the mobile environment. Now, I’m not sure how much to agree with that argument. I browse a lot on my mobile phone. In fact, I browse more on my mobile device than using email. Also, when I (micro-)blog, I often do that in response to stuff I browse.

So, I think I will probably use Posterous and/or Tumblr most via their browser share buttons. Dunno. Maybe my Note in [Google] Reader browser button is all I need…

Well, I think where the two really need to fight it out is in third-service integration. As I mentioned in a tweet today, I want Posterous to post to and vice versa. And that goes for Tumblr, too.

In the space between a long-form blog and a short-form Twitter account, there are mini-blog services like Posterous () and Tumblr () that seek to make blogging much more immediate, support all types of rich media, allow for longer entries if needed, and support short spurts that auto-post to Twitter as well.


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