What’s left to wish for?

I’m very impressed with Posterous’ FAQ: easy posting via emai; automatic conversion of links and embedding of multimedia formats; posting to other social media and social networking services; importing content from other blog platforms; domain mapping.

Makes me even consider to move away from Typepad as my “hub” blog platform.

Perhaps my biggest hesitation is the fact that I am currently using Ping.fm to post to multiple outlets. Some content I publish routes via notify.me and Ping.fm. So I will need to find out if Posterous can post to Ping.fm, or vice versa, or if Posterous can replace Ping.fm by supporting the same (relevant) services.

Okay, maybe one possible workaround is to let notify.me subscribe to an RSS feed from Posterous and then send it out through Ping.fm.

Anyway, I just tweeted this:

josschuurmans: I want @pingfm to post to @posterous and vice versa. Sensible? Possible? (http://twitter.com/josschuurmans/status/2435329325)

[UPDATE, 3 July 2009: Funny thing happened after that tweet. About five hours after I had posted it, I received a reply from Twhirl (!), saying: “@josschuurmans Give us 5 minutes. ;)” And another reply from Twhirl about an hour later, saying: “@josschuurmans Ok check now.

So, I’m not sure what’s going on here. Perhaps the Twhirl people have implemented a feature that lets you post to Ping.fm (I just saw that Twhirl supports posting to Ping.fm but I don’t know if it was there before yesterday). It would be pretty cool if they did that in response to my tweet. Dunno.

Still, that doesn’t let Ping.fm post to Posterous, nor vice versa, right?

And another small complication is that Twhirl runs on Mac and Windows, but apparently not on Unbuntu.]


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