Changes to the re-publishing of my Google Reader shared reading feed

Artem Marchenko's concern that my "crossposting" has been "skyrocketing" (in the comments of this post:, has motivated me to re-think how I should share my shared reading feed from Google Reader.

In recent weeks and until today, I have been routing my items from Google Reader  ( via Yahoo! Pipes,, and, onto my blog at, as well as to some other blogs, micro-blogs and as status updates on various social media and social networking services.

I have now decided to no longer post these shared reading items onto my blogs, but only as micro-blog posts and status updates. I've done this by changing the preferences for posting from to For the moment they will only route to Twitter, Jaiku, hi5, FriendFeed, and I may add other services in the future (Qaiku comes to mind). remains to be my "main hub", or may main Internet presence. From now on, the blog posts will contain mainly my own original writing – for which, by the way, I am now testing Posterous' posting via email.

My blog will also continue to include the daily links from Delicious. This may change, dunno.

FriendFeed seems a good candidate to become the preferred service for my aggregated feeds, aka "all my stuff" or my "lifestream". This may include blog posts, delicious bookmarks, shared reading, disqus comments, micro-blog posts and status updates.

At some point I may bring the "lifestream" feed into my blog, but as a sidebar feature.