Diverse content calls for diversified routing

(First time using the 'All New Typepad' user interface, BTW. So far so nice… Stowe Boyd was struggling with Tumblr and Typepad recently, but he now seems to be giving Typepad the benefit of the doubt. Hence, my expectations are high :-)  Would be worth a separate blog post when I've used it for a while.)

Okay, more about figuring out the workflow.

There are different kinds of content which I'd like to route in different ways.

Blog posts. (They are too modest to be called "essays", but the general idea is that they are self-contained articles, fairly "round" ideas, thoughts or stories – versus the 140-chars contributions to the conversations of the Live Web). Requirements:

  1. I should be able to post them from the web as well as by email. (Options: Typepad interface, from Posterous, via email to Typepad, via email to Posterous)
  2. They should go onto my main blog at http://www.josschuurmans.com.
  3. Then they should be reposted on my other blogs on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Posterous, linking back to http://www.josschuurmans.com. (This I may have to re-consider. One main blog may be enough. I don't necessarily want to maintain various unfederated comment threads across different blog tools.)
  4. Then they should be reposted as micro-blog posts and status updates on various other social media and social networks, linking back to http://www.josschuurmans.com. (I can do this either manually through Ping.fm, or I can set up a feed from http://www.josschuurmans.com (possibly via Yahoo! Pipes) to notify.me and Ping.fm – or possiblly using Tumblr or Posterous somewhere in the middle)
  5. They should also be aggregated on my life stream, which I haven't set up yet.

Micro-blog posts and status updates. (140-chars Live Web contributions). Requirements:

  1. I should be able to post them from the web as well as by email, and possibly by SMS. (Options: Ping.fm, Posterous.)
  2. They should at least go onto my life stream, which I haven't set up yet.
  3. Some (most?) of them might also go onto my blog(s), in particular http://www.josschuurmans.com. I could set up two different processes, one for posting micro-blog post to all networks including my blog, and one to all networks excluding my blog. (E.g. use Ping.fm to post to all except my blog, and use e.g. FriendFeed to post to Ping.fm plus my blog – or set up different preferences in notify.me)

Shared Reading. (Whatever I read and find worth sharing and conversing about). Requirements:

  1. I will tag what I read online, on Google Reader or otherwise, and which I find worth sharing publicly.
  2. That tagged content will produce an XML feed (from Google Reader), and it currently gets posted via Yahoo! Pipes, notify.me and Ping.fm as micro-blog posts and status updates.
  3. It doesn't get posted on http://www.josschuurmans.com.
  4. It should get posted onto my life stream, which I haven't set up yet. FriendFeed is a probably candidate.
  5. (I've explained the shared reading flow here and more recently here).

Other (life stream?) content.

  1. Actually, I wonder what kind of content that could be. There's probably stuff I'd like to capture or bookmark without publishing it onto my blog or conversing about it on the Live Web. I might live on various services for managing e.g. email, notes or multimedia content, with restricted access. (Gmail, Google Apps, Ovi, Evernote…)
  2. If it's public information but not something I'd broadcast, it could perhaps be fed into my life stream, e.g. on FriendFeed. For example, results of vanity searches 🙂
  3. In other words, I'm not yet quite clear what this category will include.

(BTW, one downside of using Google Mail (IMAP) from the email client on my Nokia N97 is that the device doesn't remember email contacts the way Google Mail (or Gmail) does. I am considering to use Google Mail throught the browser on the N97 instead. Will have to test the difference. And I hope to post something separately about my experience with the new machine after a while.)