What to pick for the N97 home screen?

The front display of the Nokia N97 has some six slots for content.

Slot 1 contains the current time, date and active profile.

Slot 2 features four shortcuts. By default they are: 'New message', 'Web', 'Maps' and 'Music player'.

Slot 3 features a Facebook application.

Slot 4 features the AcuWeather application.

Slot 5 shows four selected contacts from the contacts list.

Slot 6 features the subject lines of the latest two emails and links to the messaging application.

For starters, I'll keep slots 1, 2 and 6 as they are. The weather thingy is the first to go. I don't think I will miss the Facebook app either. The contacts in slot 5 will get the benefit of the doubt.

In stead of slots 2 and 3 I want to install more useful ones.

One could be a time management tool. I currently use Remember The Milk and a text document on Google Apps.

Another could be a life streaming tool, or content aggregator such as FriendFeed.

Yet another set of tools would be those that enable sharing of the different types of content which I described in my previous post today…

[LATER: The podcast client should definitely have a presence on the front display as well.]

[LATER: In my comment below, I explain how I've now customized the N97's front display to fit my needs.]