Seth Godin: “No one cares about you”

(From Seth’s Blog: ‘Four videos about noise, social and decency‘)

When I watched the four videos on Seth’s Blog yesterday, I didn’t immediately grok how important this particular one is. I mean, I re-posted the two clips about blogging and social media because I recognized what he was saying from my own experience.

But “No one cares about you” is actually an eye opener to me. I do get the message now. It explains why press releases and corporate interviews often don’t work. A brand talking about itself and how well it performs doesn’t excite. It’s a much better idea to let others draw those conclusions.

What does excite customers is talking about them and stuff that interests them.

The example Seth gives is very clarifying:

00:58: “(…) If someone’s gonna watch a video, they’re not gonna watch it because they care about you. They’re gonna watch it because they care about me. Me, me, me, me, me, my favorite person me. (…)”

01:15: “(…) If you make a video like the Blendtec guys, the ‘Will It Blend?‘ videos, people will watch it because watching Chuck Norris getting blent in a blender is sort of a hoot. But if you make a video of how your factory is, you know, twelve percent more efficient than it was last year, (yawn), I’m not coming. (…)”