Lowest call rates Finland – Holland?

Which GSM operator, international call router, or VoIP provider offers the best price (eurocents per minute) for international calls from Finland to landlines in the Netherlands? And to mobile numbers in the Netherlands?

As it happens, not all of my Dutch friends are using Skype yet.

I'll try an collect some alternatives in this post.

[UPDATE, August 7, 2009:

I posted this topic not only on my blog, but also on the Yahoo! Group ned-fin, and on various social media and social networking services. Here's what I learned so far from the responses I received.

For starters, according to Skype's call rates listing, Skype calls to landline numbers in the Netherlands cost € 0.017 excl.VAT or € 0.020 incl.VAT per minute, whereas Skype calls to mobile numbers in the Netherlands cost € 0.220 excl.VAT, or € 0.253 incl.VAT per minute.

For a fixed monthly fee of € 3.95 excl.VAT or € 4.54 incl.VAT, one can make unlimited Skype calls to landline numbers in the Netherlands. So this equals 197.5 call minutes (right?) if you paid per minute as quoted above. In other words, if you call less than roughly 200 minutes to landlines in Holland each month, it's more economical to pay per minute (right?).

There is a Skype Lite app for S60, which apparently does not allow for free calls. For calling the device will take a GSM connection at local rate, while IM messages seem to be free over WLAN/WiFi. Not sure about SMSs.

Fring appears to offer an integrated ("unified"?) social media messaging and VoIP app for S60 mobile phones. We read:

"(…) Call landlines and regular cellular contacts using SkypeOut or SIP
Make cheap local and international calls to landlines and regular mobile contacts using your SkypeOut account or hundreds of SIP-based providers such as Eutelia, GizmoProject, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, Free World & SIPNET over fring, even from non-SIP enabled handsets

According to one of my Facebook friends:

"(…) lag or anything as there is unfortunately fring to computer skype -type
of a use. fring is nice also since it is changing the available
connection automatically 3G to wlan etc, also chat (…)"

Another VoIP provider for mobile devices is Vopium, offering calls to landlines in the Netherlands for € 0.03 per minute (excl.VAT?) and to mobile numbers for € 0.25 per minute (excl.VAT?), and SMSs for € 0.10 per pop. To me that doesn't seem to beat Skype.

What's next to compare?]

[LATER: I've now downloaded Fring onto my Nokia N97 and subscribed to Skype through Fring. Calling out will presumably be rather straightforward, but I wonder how well incoming Skype calls will be routed to Fring on my mobile phone?]