New all-time-low for my Nokia N97 battery: it lasted for 13 hours yesterday

I've been keeping track of the battery performance of my new Nokia N97. I reported earlier that on some days, it has lasted only for about 16 or even 15 hours.

Now, yesterday I got up at 05:00 hrs. with the N97's battery fully charged. At precisely 18:00 hrs. it died on me in the middle of a phone call. That's a new low of 13 hours.

Again, I should grant that it was performing heavy duty during some parts of the day.

While driving for 2.5 hours from Mikkeli to Helsinki in the morning, and then on to Tampere for 2 hours, I was using bluetooth to listen to podcasts, checking email over 3.5G, making a few phone calls over GSM, sending a couple of SMSs.

I also used Nokia Maps with a GPS connection to find my way to Tampere and while walking in the city.

It was quite unfortunate that it stopped working just when I started my way back to Mikkeli. Not only did it quit in the middle of a phone call; I also had to find my way by looking at the road signs (what a drag!), couldn't call home to indicate what time I'd arrive, and had only the car radio to listen to (which, let me tell you, is no invigorating experience).

As you see, I'm still not used to having a device which doesn't stay with me the whole day.

It was raining cats and dogs when I walked into three different stores to try and find a recharger for the N97 that I could plug into my car. No luck; apparently the USB/power socket has a rather unique shape…

I felt quite isolated and disconnected. Have I become a connectivity junkie?