Dead simple podcast production

A business contact asked me for some feedback on public tenders for agile software development projects (since we’re doing such a project at Cluetail right now).

Instead of a Q&A over email, I suggested we would have a talk in person – realizing that I might have as many questions for him as he has for me – and record it so that we can share our discussion with the community as a one-off podcast show.

So that’s what we’re up to next week.

Now, I’ve done some internal podcasts at Nokia with the help of a sound engineer. This time I’ll be on my own.

I can see two scenarios.

(1) We meet in person. I’ll record our talk on my Nokia N97, edit if necessary in Audacity, and put an .mp3 file online to be included in an RSS feed.

(2) We talk over Skype and record it, etc. Haven’t yet figured out in detail, how to do this with Skype…


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