Capturables from Bad Hair Day #7

Just finished listening to Bad Hair 7. Five minutes before the end of the show, Dave asks for feedback from listeners as to whether Marshall and Dave should run the show just the two of them, or if they should invite guests to the show.

Well, as it happens, I referred to this point in my post 'Capturables from Bad Hair Day #3', where I wrote:

"(…) there has been more "positive tension" between Dave and Marshall [in the first two shows], and a
more dynamic "debate", than there was in this 3rd episode. Having two
people sparring perhaps just works better, is more interesting, than
having three people. It felt as if not everyone was sufficiently
engaged all the time, and sometimes the whole trio fell silent. (…)"

And in my post 'Capturables from Bad Hair Day #4', I remarked:

"(…) something in the dynamic of the conversation changed when the show's
format changed from having just Dave and Marshall (as in the first two
episodes) to having guests as well. But never mind; perhaps the
positive tension between the two wouldn't have lasted over a longer
series of shows anyway. (…)"

I think the two of them are just "awesome", to borrow one of Marshall's expressions. Yet I also agree with them that once in while, it's nice to have a guest or two. Plus I'm a bit concerned that if they never had any guests, the format might wear out a bit faster.

So what else is worth capturing from this show? Quite a bit of what Marshall and Dave talked about I had already read on their blogs or elswhere (podcast patent case; study on "too large social networks" hurting innovation; Breaking News Online, etc.).

Perhaps the "deeper" issue – and it has been mentioned in previous shows as well – is the fact that with rssCloud, Dave is taking the opportunity to improve RSS 2.0. For more on the topic, their discussion with Anil Dash about the Pushbutton Web in Bad Hair Day #6 fits right in.

Marshall talked about an interesting hyper-local news site, he called Dave is involved in a local multi-blog, Both could serve as inspiration for hyperlocal (or should we say "hyperspecific"?) initiatives here in Finland. I'd love to get involved in something like that.

I had a quick look at InBerkely and created a Yahoo! Pipe, i.e. and RSS feed, to filter in only Dave's posts.

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P.S.: I'm looking at recording a podcast over Skype this week. How do I do that on a PC running Vista, or a PC running Ubuntu, or an ASUS EeePC running Xandros, or a Nokia N97? (Sorry, that's all I have – no Mac).