Change log for

This is to capture a few notes about recent (conceptual and technical) changes to my blog at

  • (August 17, 2009): Added email subscription option to the right-hand sidebar of Code generated by FeedBurner.
  • (August 16, 2009): Added RSS feed subscription feature from FeedBurner onto the right-hand sidebar of, which appears to offer a more complete service.
  • (August 14, 2009): Transferred the RSS  feed generation from TypePad to FeedBurner. One incentive was that I wanted to include audio/podcast files in my feed and FeedBurner might do a better job at it. Another main incentive is that FeedBurner offers statistics about subscribers to the feed. When I transferred the service to FeedBurner, I had 54 subscrirbers. Now, on August 18, I have 51.