Posting a Facebook message to – not a good idea

I just tried to share something a friend of mine had posted on Facebook by using the "share" link and then posting a message to my account. That wasn't a good idea, because Facebook inserted the To: address in the message, which means that my "secret" email address was disclosed:

"(…) Jos sent a message on Facebook.
(Sending this from Facebook to – let's see what happens)
To reply to this message, follow the link below:

So now I've reset my email address, and I will have to update that address in all my email tools and stuff (gmail, Skype, email client on my Nokia N97…). Not very smart.

[UPDATE: Skype seems to be fine, no email address update needed 🙂

"(…) Testing a chat
message from Skype to, to see if this still works after my secret email address was reset.


"(…) Cool, no sweat! I think I should post from Skype to more often; it's very quick and easy. (…)"]