Cluetail Lunch Date video

[UPDATE, September 10, 2009: I posted a shorter version of this video (2:42 minutes).]

This video accompanies Cluetail's submission to the MindTrek Launchpad competition. The deadline for the competition passed yesterday. Finalists will present their cases at the MindTrek conference in Tampere, Finland, on October 1st, 2009.


"(…) So, Cluetail is a tribute to the Cluetrain Manifesto and the Long Tail.

totally dig it that 'markets are conversations', that the Internet is
one huge pool of conversations, and the best clues are often found in
the 'Long Tail'.

If you would like to draw a popularity graph of
online conversations, you would get a typical 'Long Tail' graph, which
is a power law graph which is extended quite indefinitely.

Spears's appearance on the MTV Music Awards may very well be one of the
most popular conversations on the day after the awards.

if you would take any individual person apart, and asked them, "What is
the most relevant conversation to you today?"
, it would most likely be a
conversation that takes place somewhere down the 'Long Tail'.

actually connects people to the online conversation that are most
relevant to them, and to the people who are engaged in those
conversations, who are most relevant to them.

We believe that there is actually an enormous un-tapped value in the 'Long Tail'.

like Nokia and Apple are fairly good at connecting people to the people
who are listed in their contacts list on their mobile devices.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are fairly good at connecting people to the things that they know how to search for.

like Facebook, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter and other 'Social
Web' services are starting to be good at connecting people to the
people in their social networks.

However, all the methods that
these services use are based on popularity and serendipity. In other
words: ranking high on Google results pages, or coincidence.

at Cluetail we look at the social objects that people share online. For
example, blog posts, social bookmarks on Delicious and other services,
shared reading…

We are developing several applications. Some
are for businesses and organizations, and some are web services that
anyone can use.

So, for example if you have a fairly large
intranet, Cluetail can help identify the people in the company who are
currently perhaps working in silos but who might actually talk to each
other because they have similar interests or they are working on
similar ideas.

Another example is our 'Lunch Date' application.
So, based on your location and on the social objects that you've shared
online, we can recommend to you a person with whom you might want to
have lunch today.

Oh, my phone is ringing.

It looks like my lunch date has arrived, so I'll better go and meet her.

Thank you. (…)"