Hyvin mietitty ja puoliksi tehty | Katri Lietsala #DCL09

Gemilo's Katri Lietsala (@katrilietsala) is delivering her afternoon keynote at the Digital Competence and Learning conference (#DCL09) in Hämeenlinna.

She's been live-blogging earlier sessions today at http://www.gemilo.fi/yritysblogi/.

'Social Media – Introduction to the tools and processes of participatory economy
', Katri wrote an account, together with Esa Sirkunnen, of social media, with a strong Finnish angle, which is well worth reading.

[INSERT DISCLAIMER HERE: It's in Finnish and I'm sure I will miss out on things, but I'll try to keep up with Katri. Katri's company, Gemilo Ltd., is a partner of my company, Cluetail Ltd., together with Viestintägran Ky.]

Title: 'Sosiaalisen median strategia: Hyvin mietitty ja puoliksi tehty'.


1.  Look at the Net as part of the big picture. (Don't forget what you need to accomplish IRL. Select tools that
help your business as a whole. Your solution should be an essential, integrated part of the whole
process, system, entity, the package.)

2. Freedom of choice.

3. ASAP. not.

4. Plan with care.

5. And yet not everything will go down the way you planned it.

6. Look for fresh angles.

7. (Beware of?) social media's echo chamber.

8. Bliix, 28 – "And I like what he's oding". (If people like what you're doing, they'll amplify you. Just like social rewardss work in the real world. In other words: let people do what they like?)

9. Know  beforehand where you want to go. (Set concrete business goals. Higher sales? Better brand reputation? Something you really need.)

10. If you don't know (/get it?), a blogging mother will. (Motrin outrage on YouTube)

11. Ask for help early. (Hire us)

12. You get more than one channel. (People will remix and redistribute you content in channels and in ways you have not anticipated)

13. Decide how you measure success.

14. This is how I would measure.. (More sales, ideas, better ideas, new ideas, content, satisfied customers, partners, employees, more information about customers, about your own products, about your team, visibility to your brand…)

15. Remember to reward. Including yourself.

(Here's an additional suggestion for a "rule": Seth Godin: "No one cares about you!")