‘So that people would find each other’

This .pdf file has page 10 of Länsi-Savo, the daily newspaper from Mikkeli, for January 18, 2010.The feature story, 'Jotta ihmiset löytäisivät toisensa' ('So that people would find each other') by reporter Kaisa Parta is the result of her interviewing me at our home in Mäntyharju.

We talked about the differences between Finland and the Netherlands, how I've settled as an immigrant, and how moving to live among the woods and lakes of Eastern Finland wouldn't have been very likely for our family without the Internet.

Although she claims to be rather novice to Internet technology, Kaisa is very perceptive, asked pertinent questions and managed to unpack Cluetail's core business idea – developing recommendation technologies to connect people to the people and information most relevant to them – in what I consider a pleasant read.

Yeah, well, I would, wouldn't I? 🙂