Typepad export – WordPress import fail; @wordpressdotcom support fail :-(


Okay, it seems to have worked now after I tried uploading for the 4th time, emulating Lucy's sigh of relief:

"After multiple tries with this, it finally worked. Whew."

Immediate observations:

  • Some embedded media content (images, video) shows fine, other doesn't (video, audio);
  • Category link syntax differs from Typepad, hence my old category permalinks won't work this way;
  • Like on my Typepad blog, I want a category cloud not list;
  • I need to work on the right-hand sidebar widgets to add things like easy email subscription and my microblog (Twitter) stream;
  • Now that I see the same content in the WordPress "monochrome" theme – which I like best of the 102 themes available yesterday – I realise how fresh and pleasing the layout of my Typepad blog actually is;
  • I like the form factor of the "monochrome" theme, showing blog post metadata in the narrow left-hand sidebar;
  • I definitely want Disqus and AddThis integrated in each post;
  • I pray that permalinks can be restored without too much suffering after domain-mapping the WordPress.com blog (currently josschuurmans.wordpress.com) to www.josschuurmans.com.


I can't describe it better than jantink did some 22 months ago, on the WordPress.com Forums:

"(…) I tried importing my blog from Typepad after creating a new blog here at WordPress. I exported the blog from Typepad onto my desktop, then attempted a couple of times to import the blog into WordPress. I selected the option, "Import from Moveable Type or Typepad", then selected the file I exported from Typepad and pressed "Upload".

After import has finished, it prompts me to assign an author to associate with the user name of the imported posts. I do that and after I hit "submit", nothing happens. There are no posts imported at all. All it says in the bottom status bar is "Done", but the screen next to the tool menu below the header is blank…there is nothing there. (…)"

And here' are some other users who've encountered the same problem:

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It's one thing that the WordPress.com support people are on holidays when you need them most. It's another that these forum topics get "closed" without the problem being resolved.

Fail 😦