My idea for Uutisraivaaja (rough copy-paste from FB)


More and more web users are relying on social networks to curate the news for them. Here’s a detailed look at this shift in consumption habits.

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    • Jos Schuurmans

      ‎”(…) Though news is increasingly social and user-generated, the persistent fear is one of credibility and a flaw in measuring a curator’s knowledge on or interest in a topic. This problem could be improved by enabling users to develop mo…re targeted news feeds on personalized topics of interest, but also by identifying specific sources and curators of information as more or less credible than others.Rosen, of NYU, describes this as news curators with “levels” of knowledge attributed to them, analogous to player levels in game design. For example, if you’re just coming to news about the “fight over immigration in Arizona” and you have heard mostly noise but know nothing about it, you’re a level one user, Rosen describes. This would provide readers with more focused news that is tied to their knowledge, and help filter through the noise on a specific topic.

      Carvin said he’d like to see a similar model applied to sources sharing news as well. (…)”See More

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    • Jos Schuurmans

      Heureka! So here we have it: a conceptual framework for one of Cluetail’s product prototypes. By analyzing curators’ feeds and comparing them against the “news user”‘s own sharing (recommendation, endorsement…) behavior, we could categori…ze those curators as per Jay Rosen’s “player levels”, building (curating?) a dream team of personal curators. Then push their feeds through e.g. Pulse, Flipboard or paper.liI think I know now what to submit to
      The challenge is just to find the time to do it.See More 

      23 minutes ago ·

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