Nokia’s market share Murphy blinds

One thing that keeps running through my mind from the stuff I’ve read recently is this piece on Robert Scoble‘s blog:

“(…) Well, at least the execs are not sounding arrogant anymore (first time in years!) and they aren’t saying “we are the marketshare leader.” As if THAT ever matters! Just ask all the “market share leaders” who have disappeared into the bowels of the Computer History Museum. (…)”

So true! When I was still there, being the market share leader was the internal meme that kept the Murphy blinds on, even after the first iPhone had come out.

It wasn’t even primarily the execs who were in denial, but virtually everyone on the work floor.

(Just to state where I’m coming from: I care about Nokia as a Finnish economic engine; I maintained high levels of organizational identification with the company during the six years I worked in Espoo; I still have a modest set of Nokia stock; I would be proud if Nokia could take on the iOSs and Androids of this world.)


One thought on “Nokia’s market share Murphy blinds

  1. Spot on Jos! I wish the best for Nokia and all the ex-colleagues who still work there, but the company has been arrogant to say the least… this should be a pretty good wake up call, it’s the user experience that should be the focus, not a magical 40% market share!

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