Doc Searls: ‘What Google Does (and needs to keep doing) | Linux Journal’

Doc Searls, July 28, 2008:

“(…) Google just did something good for me — and for a market that needs help desperately (…)

What Google Did for me was radically improve one of the most annoying experiences in the Webbed world: registering a domain name. (…)”

via What Google Does (and needs to keep doing) | Linux Journal.

(I’m experimenting with the Press This bookmarklet for Firefox, so let’s see if this gets published as intended)

Today I remembered reading a blog post a while back (in 2008 as it turns out), and sharing it on Google Reader in case I might want to switch domain name registrars one day.

At first I didn’t recall who had blogged this, but with a search on my Google Reader account I was able to retrieve it. I recalled that domain registration via Google was supposed to be user-friendly and reasonably priced.

So that “one day” has now come. Back in the days, I registered my domain name “” through DomainDirect. Now that I’m planning to map that domain to my WordPress blog instead of my TypePad blog, it’s a good moment to check if there is still validity to Doc’s praise to Google from 2008.

BTW, this is an example of why it makes sense to tag/store/share what you read and make it findable. And yes, it’s an important type of gesture for a personal information recommendation engine.


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