Looking for programmers / web developers


My name is Jos Schuurmans. I’m an information and communication consultant, a concept developer of web services and the founder of Cluetail Ltd, a company that develops web services powered by content analysis and recommendation technologies.

I worked at Nokia’s Head Office in Espoo for 6 years until the summer of 2008. Before that I was an (Internet) journalist and an entrepreneur.

Right now I am eager to establish and facilitate a network of programmers/developers with a drive to generate awesome ideas for web applications and create them together. (I have a few ideas myself, but I don’t want those to get in the way of Your Awesomeness)

What you give is what you get

What you give is up to you. What you might get (depending on what your give) is:

  • The fun of developing awesome stuff with awesome people in awesome ways
  • Personal growth (= a great learning experience)
  • A boost to your professional network
  • Pride in what we build
  • A great reference
  • Friends for life

Additionally, in the best-case scenario (and if you want it):

  • Fame
  • Fortune

(Disclaimer: This list may be incomplete)

What is expected from you? Most of all, a positive and constructive attitude. At this stage I wouldn’t like to define any requirements as to experience or certification (Of course I would like to *hear* about them!). I welcome diversity within the network.

If this advertisement speaks to you, please seek me out in one or more of the following ways:

+358 50 59 33 006

P.S.: Oh yeah and about my attitude: I don’t really talk like this IRL 🙂


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